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Advertising Media Agencies - Design and Production House

Professional Sign Maker and Poster Designer - We design and make Signs, Signages, Posters, Banners, and Large Format Printing of all types and of different materials.

Company Overview

Advertising Media Agencies is a professional sign maker and poster designer based in Hong Kong, with more than 21 years in the sign making industry, specializing in the design and production of advertising signs, signage, banners, poster and large format printing of all different materials and different types.

We are the pioneer in applying computer aided design in advertising sign making.  We imported our first vinyl cutter/plotter from Australia in 1990 when such machine was not commonly available in Hong Kong at that time.  In 1998, we enhanced our production capacity with another vinyl cutter, a Roland 48" model.

Since 1996, we have extended our services into the world of Large Format Printing and poster production. In fact, we are the pioneer of applying digital technology in poster design and production amongst the sign makers in Hong Kong. Today, we supply posters to restaurants at the very lost cost, quick delivery, but high quality in design that can effectively boost the sales of our clients.

Our professional services include the following areas:

 Light Boxes of All Types

 2.jpg (245141 個位元組)3piggy2.JPG (186607 個位元組)

2303-571.JPG (482138 個位元組)2303-108.JPG (731643 個位元組)

Signage of All Types

百德YL8.jpg (892157 個位元組)3.jpg (710090 個位元組)

DSCN1116.JPG (601403 個位元組)

Computer-cut Vinyl

Dscn0477_copy.JPG (79828 個位元組)2302-118.JPG (541543 個位元組)

2112-01.jpg (589877 個位元組)

Low Cost Inkjet Backlit Films

Pict0002.JPG (165534 個位元組)百德YL6.jpg (830965 個位元組)

百德YL7.jpg (758176 個位元組)


Large Format Printing

百德YL4.jpg (765096 個位元組)Pict0003.JPG (161789 個位元組)

Flexible Vinyl Signs

c03_copy.JPG (95125 個位元組)Dscn1338_copy.JPG (120573 個位元組)


Computer Engraving Signs

Low Cost Banners

b08_copy.JPG (71161 個位元組)


Ad-machine (Automatic changing picture light box)

2305-034.JPG (806740 個位元組)Xl-4060.JPG (65663 個位元組)

"Easy Roll" Promotion Display Stand

2305-033.JPG (709713 個位元組)

Window Decorations

2112-02.jpg (984873 個位元組)2302-107.JPG (844642 個位元組)

2302-117.JPG (733105 個位元組)2112-03.jpg (717179 個位元組)

Screen Printing Sings
Crystal-like signs and products

Dscn1491-b_copy.JPG (51401 個位元組)


Vehicle Livery

\2211-07.JPG (860761 個位元組)

Brass and Stainless-steel Signs and Characters

Dscn1485_copy.JPG (17708 個位元組)2207-04.JPG (2155200 個位元組)


Neon Lights

Dscn0001_copy.JPG (125144 個位元組)

In this web site, you can find posters designed by us in the Poster Gallery.  You can find food photos in the Food Photo Gallery.

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