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Computer Cut Vinyl Poster Production Poster for Restaurant Ad-Machine Vehicle Livery

XL- Series

Ad-Machine (Automatic changing picture light box)

Automatic Films Changing Board with Back-light

Automatic Advertising Board XL Series (Export Version) & M Series (Low Cost Version)

XL - Series

M - Series


High tech electronic system controls eye catching effects generated from automatic moving shiny ads with built-in illumination.
Designed to hold 7 to 12 color ink-jet film moving ads, depends on models. 
One Ad Machine is designed to replace several light boxes or conventional poster boards.  Save space as well as maximize advertising effects.
Adjustable display times .


Event advertising such as sporting events, concerts and trade show, etc.
Restaurant and entertainment ads.
Directions, information and department store special promotion and sales.
Ads in banks, airline companies, travel agencies, hotels, car showrooms, gas station, government department, public organizations and transport companies.
All kinds of shops which use poster boards or light boxes as advertising tools.


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