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Taiwanese Food
Dim-Sum Hot Pot Food Sea Food Shark-fin & Such Western Style Japanese  Food Taiwanese Food

We have collected lots of photos of the popular food that are usually found in Chinese restaurants.  We show some of our collection here.  If you cannot find the food photo that you are interested in our web pages, please contact us.  

Taiwanese Style Food  Please click on the thumbnail images to see the full-sized picture.  

desert1.JPG (28386 個位元組) drink1.JPG (22058 個位元組) drink2.JPG (24407 個位元組) drink3.JPG (26109 個位元組) drink4.JPG (22713 個位元組)
noodle1.JPG (31019 個位元組) noodle2.JPG (36665 個位元組) noodle3.JPG (38822 個位元組) noodle4.JPG (37833 個位元組) noodle5.JPG (36790 個位元組)
rice1.JPG (33307 個位元組) rice2.JPG (33574 個位元組) rice3.JPG (34843 個位元組) snake1.JPG (41594 個位元組) snake2.JPG (37458 個位元組)
snake3.JPG (44290 個位元組) snake4.JPG (36402 個位元組) snake5.JPG (39772 個位元組) snake6.JPG (35756 個位元組) snake7.JPG (36876 個位元組)

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